Our Team

Has the Passion and Experience to Succeed

Jahrane Dale

As a co-founder, Jahrane leads Luso Labs's technological operations and builds cerVIA's lesion detection algorithm.

Olachi Oleru

As a co-founder, Olachi leads Luso Labs's regulatory operations and builds cerVIA's custom camera system.

Ritish Patnaik

As a co-founder, Ritish leads Luso Labs's business operations and builds cerVIA's Android application.

Stephanie Yang

As a co-founder, Stephanie leads Luso Labs's pilot study planning and builds cerVIA's lesion detection algorithm.

Riancy Li

Riancy develops the UI/UX design of the cerVIA Android application.

Cameron Statton

Cameron leads Luso Labs's intellectual property efforts.

We have been supported by the following programs and competitions:

2016 Lean LaunchPad Program

2016 IE@Columbia Program

A Winner of the 2016 Columbia Venture Competition

A Winner of the 2016 Columbia Senior Design Competition

A Winner of a VentureWell E-Team Stage 1 Grant

A Finalist of the 2016 Rice Global Health Technologies Competition

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With a goal to reach patients within 3 years, our team welcomes feedback, collaborations and funding opportunities.